Printful Principles: How Top Customers Are Selling Over $500 Million in Products

While dropshipping is great for keeping a low overhead, it cannot succeed to its fullest without solid digital marketing strategies. For people to notice your brand and become customers, there’s some work you need to do. You should think of marketing tactics. But which one to choose among the dozens of approaches?

We know the answer to this question. This post will focus on 3 known digital marketing strategies that still rock and will make your dropshipping store strive.

Challenges of dropshipping marketing
Before diving into marketing practices, let’s discuss why you need it. Being quite a well-known strategy, dropshipping has a few challenges to overcome.

Competitive environment

Source: Google Trends

From the screenshot above, you see that high levels of competition are constantly growing in the dropshipping segment. Unless you have signed an agreement with the supplier for them to exclusively dropship certain goods, there will always be others selling the same things with sometimes a better price.

Relying solely on dropshipping means that retailers will always need to find ways to stand out in the competition and emphasize their own strong sizes.

When developing a marketing strategy, you need to look at your competitors, carefully analyze their metrics: pricing, conversion rates, customer reviews, and other ecommerce KPIs. As a result, knowing your competitors will allow you to start with the marketing efforts.

Budget restraints
Usually, to get a better profit, your store should have an increased sales volume. To increase sales, you’d probably require promotion, advertising, and acquisition tactics. These, in turn, need a budget. That’s why the challenge of underfinancing can affect your marketing.

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