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At 10Xdrop, we're here for you.

After experiencing multiple order management software, we realized that the existing order management solutions processing speed was not enough to alleviate the repetitive work of Dropshipper. Traditional order processing services are too complex, time-consuming, and costly to manage.

And, the 10Xdrop website is born due to resolve your problem. Fully functional in an app that allows Dropshippers to manage their own orders and items on sale. We keep it simple, doesn’t require you to spend hours processing orders, so you can focus on improving your marketing and branding to increase turnover as well as expand your business.

We always listen to our customers. We gather your feedback, improve the platform and stay on the edge of the technology to automate your dropshipping business. We are always here to help you, answer your questions, connect you to other sellers like you, and to dropshipping mentors who will take you to the next level.

Our mission

We come from the development and automation world. We believe that everything can be automated. Our mission is to save you as much time as possible by using the newest technologies, which help you grow your business quickly and achieve your intended goal. Our platform is constantly being updated to ensure improvement and adaptation to provide you with the most advanced tools and automation processes. We're excited to help you on your journey!

Our team

We have a very diverse and international team, with members coming from various backgrounds and different parts of the globe. We foster an open, collaborative work environment, where ideas and feedback are welcomed and each member has a significant impact on the business.

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